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Say hello to a bear called Ted (what else). Ted loves ‘stuff’, all kinds of ‘stuff’. I suppose if he was human, he would be a hoarder. But he is not, he is a bear and he sees himself as a purveyor of ‘Booty’. Ted has a pal, a best buddy called Munch. Munch is a mouse who was kicked out of Nothe Fort in Weymouth for snoring and busking. Munch convinced Ted that he knows a lot about ‘old stuff’ and ‘interesting things’. (Nobody really knows what that means).

Ted and Munch spent many years sharing a piece of cake in the café in the Curiosity Centre trying to muster the courage to ask for a space to trade. They regularly pleaded with Michelle to let them join the family of traders. Finally, she relented and gave the boys a space. They both promised to behave. And they do... most of the time. Come and see Ted and Munch’s BOOTY and experience the true meaning of ‘stuff, old stuff and interesting things’ 🐻🐭

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